GravLax - Cured salmon

Growing up this was my favourite dish on any holiday table, thankfully us Swedes eat this delicacy year round. Gravlax or "graved salmon" is a quick cured salmon with qualities of a smoked salmon, without the smoky flavour and much easier to make. 


You'll need:

1 salmon or two salmon fillets (whole salmon will be cheaper)

1 bunch of dill

50/50 mix of kosher salt and sugar. I usually use 1dl (100ml) each. 

2 tbsp white pepper corns (you can use black pepper in a pinch but make sure they are whole).

2 pans at least one with low sides and any kind of weights, you can use your preserves and condiments in the fridge for this.


If you got a whole salmon, cut out the bones so that you get two fillets. You'll want to keep the skin on. The sharper the knife you use the better and it helps if your salmon is still partially frozen. Don't worry if it's not that neat, it'll compress back together. Put the fillets face up in your pan.

Mix the salt, sugar and peppercorns. Chop the dill roughly. Rub the salt mix all over the flesh of the salmon (both fillets). Spread the dill evenly, you can do it over both fillets or just one, I prefer to do both but you need to be a bit more careful when you perform the next step. 

Flip one fillet on to the other, so that the fleshy sides touch. Now put the other pan on top to press the salmon. Put it in the fridge and balance the weights in the pan on top. 

Let sit for 1-2 days, then flip the salmon and put the pan with the weights back on. I usually pour out any excess moisture at this point. After 1-2 more days take the salmon out, scrape off the salt mix and spices and it's ready to enjoy!

I love it as a topping for toast or a piece of crisp bread, it works well with avocado and sour cream or it can be your choice of protein for dinner, traditionally eaten with boiled new potatoes. 


You can get salmon for fantastic prices during parts of the year, I just purchased 2kg of salmon (perfect for this recipe) for $4. That's cheaper than a lot of veggies I buy!