Saving Money

Using Gratitude as a Tool of Frugality

Around the holiday season we often increase our thankfulness and gratitude. We're often grateful for our family and loved ones that we have around us. For those of us that are exposed to ads we're constantly reminded of how much we have by being told what someone else doesn't have. We are then asked to buy more, "treat yourself", "buy this for your mum", "buy this for your friends", "treat your family to this". It easily gets exhausting.

Frugal Fun Sobrember - Challenge!

November is normally a rainy, dreary month. I like to spend it cuddled up inside playing boardgames and watching movies. This is what makes November the perfect time for a challenge to shake things up a bit!

In my household we call it Frugal Fun Sobrember. A month where you have lots of fun while staying frugal and, wait for it, sober. This is a great time to find free events, play boardgames, hold movie nights or in other ways enjoy life without spending money.  

10 Ways to Streeeetch Your Food Budget

10 Ways to Streeeetch Your Food Budget

Money tends to be tight after the summer, with parties, eating out, travel, and general adventures it can sometimes feel like you're hemorrhaging money. Getting your food budget in check can be a great way to feel better about your finances and quickly whip your spending in to shape. I average out between $100-$150 per person in terms of food (including eating out as it's rare) for the month. I've noticed that this is fairly low in comparison to a lot of other bloggers, so here are some tips I'm a huge fan of that help me keep costs that low.