Frugal Fun Sobrember - Challenge!

November is normally a rainy, dreary month. I like to spend it cuddled up inside playing boardgames and watching movies. This is what makes November the perfect time for a challenge to shake things up a bit!

In my household we call it Frugal Fun Sobrember. A month where you have lots of fun while staying frugal and, wait for it, sober. This is a great time to find free events, play boardgames, hold movie nights or in other ways enjoy life without spending money.  

A Practical Guide to Bed Bugs Part 2: Preparing for War

Now that you can sleep properly it's time to bring your focus to Step 2. This step will require a lot of energy and perseverance as you are preparing for all out war between you and the bed bugs. Thankfully you are not alone and whomever is doing the pest control will be treating your apartment and giving you specified advice along the way. Resist the urge to get up and leave as you'll most likely just take them with you. 

What Crisis Teaches Us About Minimalism

We often get caught up in the rat race and get stuck in a rut. I dream of and yearn for minimalism but when you are working hard and use most of your free time to recover from that hard work, thinking about hauling away large quantities of your belongings feels overwhelming. We also crave convenience. When we are tired it's so much easier if everything is readily available, thus we stock up more and more.