La Vita è Bella

I'm sitting on the porch of my in-laws cabin in north Washington looking over the still lake while a fresh summer breeze brushes over me. I can't count how many times I've looked at my partner and said “Life is so great”. There's something about living here that just makes me feel so serene and satisfied with life.

I came home from Japan with a wish to keep travelling, don't get me wrong, I still do and am looking forward to the next trip, but I'm not as impatient as I was then. I'm so happy and content with everything around me and I think it'll last for a good long while.

Life has been busy, too busy and distracting for me to write a single word on the pages of this blog. So what's new? Well, we bought a house! Our perfect 4 bedroom 2 bath home in a quaint little village consisting of a large garden with two fruit trees, berry bushes, rhubarbs, an established veggie plot where the garlics are already growing like crazy as well as a big garage, shop and greenhouse. This really is our dream home and to think we thought we could never have it to begin with.

The story goes that we scheduled a viewing for 3 homes in Rossland (where my in-laws live) and as I like to compare houses I also took a quick glance at Warfield, a village about 5 minutes down the hill from Rossland and 5 minutes up the hill from Trail. There it was, a gorgeous war-timer home with everything we wanted in a house. I asked our realtor if we could see it and she informed us that while we could, it had an accepted offer on it already. We decided that it was fine since we hoped to live in Rossland anyway and Warfield would mean I most likely have to get a car. Still, we'd like to see it to compare what we can get in Rossland (more expensive) versus Warfield. Well, the Rossland houses were mediocre at best with tonnes of work being needed for all but one, and that house was in my opinion devoid of character, and most likely would put us in the 2 car situation anyway. Meanwhile the Warfield wartimer took our hearts, especially mine. I told our realtor how my heart ached walking through that house knowing that it had the accepted offer on it already. Having several newly renovated rooms with amazing appliances, a great layout that suited our plans on top of meeting all my garden dreams it hit all the points we desired and for a much lower price than something similar in Rossland. We sighed and continued our search for our dream home.

After that everything went quite fast, the offer ended up falling through the day before we were scheduled to see another home, after seeing that home and realising the work we'd have to put in to make it suitable for us (it had no proper kitchen and only 2 bedrooms and one bath). We grabbed a coffee with my father in-law and I think both of our hearts had been set at that point. We called up our realtor and asked her to draw up an offer. We were supposed to go down to the cabin that weekend but stayed home to get the ball rolling, hoping that we were the only ones that had put an offer in. Within 24 hours our offer was accepted and we started arranging with our mortgage broker and the rest to get everything sorted. I won't go into details about this because it was a mess and extremely stressful. We learnt two things 1. We're never dealing with this mortgage broker again (unprofessional, unorganised and unable to spell my last name) and 2. Let's try to stave off another house purchase as long as possible.

So here we are, 2 weeks into living in our dream home as of today and we couldn't be happier. I've already filled the garden plot with veggies and planted some more berry bushes, filled in our pond with soil (for now) and sown wild-flowers and painted a bedroom upstairs that was garishly bright green (think Kermit) with blue trim and ceiling. The neighbourhood is quiet, our fenced in yard brings great privacy and the weather has been wonderful. I quite enjoy being a home-maker and although we can survive on one income I'm definitely starting to feel the itch for going back to work.

Not working has it's benefits though, I'm able to cross the border on a Thursday afternoon to spend a long weekend at the cabin while my partner thanks to the close proximity (40min including crossing the border) can commute from here for his Friday shift and still come back in the evening. The proximity of everything is astounding even so far into the country. Except for our amazing friends back in Vancouver, we have everything we need here. I'll delve deeper into the benefits of small town life in another post but right now I'm enjoying everything too much to have time for that. Soon it'll be noon and I can look forward to enjoying a cold beer from one of my all time favourite breweries on the dock.

Here's to hoping everyone has an amazing summer!