My Life is Ready to Begin

Sometimes life trudges on and you almost forget that time passes. I hate getting stuck in a rut and waking up realising I've missed doing all the things I loved for the past few months. I've kept my savings machine going through all this and now I can take a step back and replenish.

Two years ago I made the same decision. I had been working as a server for about a year and a half. I'd come home from work with my body screaming at me, with bumps on my toes that didn't use to be there, my back and shoulders tight and aching. I knew I had to get out and I needed a change. I ended up giving myself an end date, quit and took the summer off. I had about 2 months of rest which also included settling into a new apartment with my partner and visiting his family cabin for some real relaxing and recouperation. I came back with lots of energy and settled into a new job which ended up giving me experience and knowledge that I never expected. I ended up working in a field I've always been passionate about and would like to continue working in if I have the chance.

The time has come for me to move on from that job, I handed in my notice earlier this week. The fact is that I am very goal driven and I can't achieve my long term goals with what I'm being paid.

Leaving your job without a new job to go to might seem like it is also counteractive to my goals. I won't be earning any money until I find a new job and I won't be able to achieve any of my financial goals.

The reason I'm leaving without a job to go to relates to my current grande goal. I want to start a family with my partner. It's time to start a future for myself where I can achieve that goal. Before I start putting in the real work (I'm talking about making a home for my family and earning enough money to sustain them thank you very much), I need to refresh as well as do the one thing I really want to do before I settle down. I want to travel Japan, explore the country, live with locals, explore and experience in a way that needs to be done without children. That needs to be done alone.

I bought a ticket back in December and have been planning it ever since. With food and lodging it's looking like it will probably land on a similar number to my Sweden trip, thanks to the cheap plane ticket and couch surfing. More to come about cheap ways to travel an otherwise really expensive country.

Thanks to my savings and my budgeting I won't be coming back poor as a church mouse. I've scraped together enough to be able to sustain myself for a year without a job should I need to. If I want to take a year's sabattical in order to get ready for my future I have all the power to do so. It's extremely comforting to know that I'm not jumping out to the abyss without a safety net. Once I'm back from my journey I'll start the job hunt afresh, hoping to find a fullfilling job that I can grow in and enjoy with passion. Hopefully I will also be starting on my a side hustle I've been considering for the last couple of months. I'm extremely excited and I feel like for once in my life I'm done waiting. I'm ready to begin.