Using Gratitude as a Tool of Frugality

Around the holiday season we often increase our thankfulness and gratitude. We're often grateful for our family and loved ones that we have around us. For those of us that are exposed to ads we're constantly reminded of how much we have by being told what someone else doesn't have. We are then asked to buy more, "treat yourself", "buy this for your mum", "buy this for your friends", "treat your family to this". It easily gets exhausting.

I've been reading Pam Grout's “Thank and Grow Rich” and I'm hit by how, just by practicing being grateful, we can decrease our need to spend money, decrease our need for treats and “stuff” and increase our quality of life at the same time.

It's simple. When we don't practice being grateful for what we have, we crave more. Instead of being grateful for the clothes we have that keep us dressed (as society requires) and warm we constantly crave the latest and greatest in fashion. We put our belief in what we need to do to fit in before our gratitude.

When we put our gratitude first, we start appreciating the smaller things in life, things you don't have to purchase. We appreciate our loved ones more, we spend more time with our friends, we focus less on aquiring things. When you're grateful you shut yourself off from the idea that you're missing something that there's scarcety. The idea of scarcety in it self is the whole reason why we have this mass hysteria also known as rampant consumerism.

We're not going to change the way companies operate, we're not going to wake up the whole world from consumerism. What we can do is change ourselves. By appreciating what we have and appreciating our loved ones we can create a tribe of gratefulness. We can support our friends and receive support back in order to be happier without the rampant need for “stuff”.

And with that, I'm putting myself on a 2 month shopping ban. It's time for me to appreciate what I have just a little bit more.